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When it's time to make legal decisions about your children, you need someone to guide you, Peggy A. Bond is here to help.

I do adoptions of all kinds including newborns, stepchildren, grandchildren, relatives, adults. I can help when the child's parent is unidentified, incarcerated or whose location is unknown; or with any other obstacles in your path. I have been doing adoptions for over 25 years and I strive to keep them affordable. I have a relationship with other excellent adoption attorneys who will work with me when a second attorney is needed.

You may want to add to your family or make a change that will allow you to better care for your children. Sometimes a new partner would like to adopt your child or children in order to be able to provide two parents and the safety of having a second person with legal rights to act in emergencies. Or you may be faced with a difficult change. Your own child may have passed leaving you, the child’s grandparents or other relative, caring for that child. You will need legal rights to be able to act on their behalf, to obtain medical care, to enroll them in school, to obtain a passport or exercise many other privileges granted only to legal parents or guardians.

You may just need legal advice or insight into how the laws work.

Regardless of your situation, you need to know what to expect so you can be prepared.

Peggy Bond Law is dedicated to making you comfortable and ensuring that you understand your options. We will work with you to find the best possible solution to legal issues you encounter regarding your family and your children.

Our goal is always to reach agreement and amicably resolve any problems you may face whenever possible and with the least expense. If that is not possible, we will stand beside you and fight for your rights to care for your family and for the things that matter most to you or refer you to those who can.

Please call or email to schedule a consultation.